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Congratulations and thank you for volunteering to be a Room Parent.  Being a Room Parent is a rewarding experience for you and your child.  In an effort to make this year easy and fun for you, we have provided some tools and helpful tips below.

Room Parent Guide

Door Decoration:
In the event you want to decorate your teacher’s door for a party, teacher appreciation, etc…, you may use the rolls of paper located in the Media Center.  Measure your door twice, and leave at least 3-5 inches at the top and bottom of your design to ensure that it actually fits properly when installing.  Mark where the window and door handle should be on your design, but do not cut it until you hang the door.

For ideas, search Google Images for Teacher Door Decorations.

For your convenience, below are standard form letters you may use when communicating with the parents:

Helpful Links/Websites: