The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is the oldest and largest child advocacy association in this country.  We provide a milestone of accomplishments that support the connection to effective engagement and academic achievement for all children.

The Roberts Elementary PTO is a group of parents and teachers whose goal is to make every child’s potential a reality.

Our Mission:

The Roberts ES PTO is organized exclusively to ensure that our students have every academic advantage necessary to achieve educational excellence.

Our Vision

To develop a partnership between teachers, administrators, staff and parents to ensure all children reach their highest potential in academic, physical, mental and social education.

Our Goals

  1. Support the educational needs of each Roberts student.
  2. Reinforce Roberts’ Mission of knowledge, leadership and service.
  3. Foster a positive and encouraging atmosphere for our children.
  4. Unite our students, administrators, teachers, staff and parents as one community and encourage school spirit and pride.
  5. Promote an open communication between our students, teachers, administrators and parents.
  6. Assist the efforts of our teachers, administrators and staff.
  7. Encourage parental involvement in our school.
  8. Raise funds to continuously improve educational opportunities and promote academic, cultural and enrichment activities.

Our Values

Integrity. We strictly adhere to a code of moral values and act consistently with them.

Collaboration. We choose to cooperate and work together in order to achieve our shared goals.

Accountability. We are accountable for our activities and accept responsibility for them.

Transparency. Our practices, transactions and agreements are open to all for verification.

Respect. We show regard and admiration for our colleagues, school personnel, students and partners.

Inclusivity. Our organization is open to everyone and we deliberate promote their participation.

Diverseness. We acknowledge, promote and celebrate our diversity.